A Yoga teacher and Rolfing® practitioner with a PhD in Molecular Biology

Photo of my graduation in Bologna, March 2006 People are quite surprised about me holding a PhD in Molecular Biology. It is unusual that someone that decided to embark into an Academic career is becoming a Yoga teacher and then a Rolfing® practitioner. The reality is that the way I carry out my work is not much different from the way a researcher would approach her/his research project. In other words, my priority is to be able to fully engage in the work I do and my job needs to make sense for me and for the people I work with. Read more

The foundational principles of Rolfing® as stated by Ida Rolf in the book “Rolfing and Physical Reality”

“One of the first things that people say is: If Rolfing is so darn good, why didn’t somebody know about it long ago? This is a legitimate question, and there are some legitimate answers to it. One is the change in concepts in people’s minds since Einstein and others propagated the idea of relativity. … After about the year 1900, a gradual revolution in ideas came about. We began to understand that any idea was a spectrum. Read more

How did I start practicing Ashtanga Yoga | Mysore Style |

My journey into Ashtanga yoga in the traditional form of the Mysore style I started practicing yoga in a moment of my life when I badly needed a happy place to reconnect to myself. That place happened to be a yoga studio in Heidelberg where I did my first yoga class in July 2012. That class was Power Yoga and the teacher was Laurie, one of the best yoga teachers I met up to these days. Read more