A description of Rolfing®, by Dr. Ida Paulina Rolf

Dr. Ida Paulina Rolf - Photo courtesy of Certified Advanced Rolfer® David Kirk-Campbell “Structural Integration is a technique which is organising and ordering a body and bringing the muscles back to the place where they belong in terms of their theoretical order. Structural Integration, sometimes called Rolfing® for the fact that it was developed by Ida P. Rolf, namely myself, is a technique to make the person feel more effective, more efficient, better organised and better coordinated because is in the gravitational field, accepting it, working in it and with it instead of fighting it as the average random body has to do. Read more

A Yoga teacher and Rolfing® practitioner with a PhD in Molecular Biology

Photo of my graduation in Bologna, March 2006 People are quite surprised about me holding a PhD in Molecular Biology. It is unusual that someone that decided to embark into an Academic career is becoming a Yoga teacher and then a Rolfing® practitioner. The reality is that the way I carry out my work is not much different from the way a researcher would approach her/his research project. In other words, my priority is to be able to fully engage in the work I do and my job needs to make sense for me and for the people I work with. Read more

The foundational principles of Rolfing® as stated by Ida Rolf in the book »Rolfing and Physical Reality«

“One of the first things that people say is: If Rolfing is so darn good, why didn’t somebody know about it long ago? This is a legitimate question, and there are some legitimate answers to it. One is the change in concepts in people’s minds since Einstein and others propagated the idea of relativity. … After about the year 1900, a gradual revolution in ideas came about. We began to understand that any idea was a spectrum. Read more

How did I start practicing Ashtanga Yoga | Mysore Style |

My journey into Ashtanga yoga in the traditional form of the Mysore style I started practicing yoga in a moment of my life when I badly needed a happy place to reconnect to myself. That place happened to be a yoga studio in Heidelberg where I did my first yoga class in July 2012. That class was Power Yoga and the teacher was Laurie, one of the best yoga teachers I met up to these days. Read more